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PTL Group

Star Jasmine is the Australian agent for the PTL Group. The PTL Group is a sales and distribution and logistics provider for SMEs entering China. It supports companies selling advanced technology products in B2B markets by providing management services and operational infrastructure to its clients.

Through the Management-in-Trust model, PTL supports companies at different stages of their China market entry.

Service packages cover:
• Sales and distribution support for companies without a legal entity in China
• Import, warehousing and distribution
• WFOE (Wholly foreign-owned entity) management
• General administrative, human resource and marketing support, including social media

The following industries can be supported:
• medical equipment,
• software, hardware and robotics
• electronics
• clean technologies and water treatment
• industrial and agricultural machinery
• chemicals
• automotive
• construction
• training

PTL (through CI3) also offers overseas SMEs a quick, secure and cost-effective way to grow their market share through local production, by establishing and developing their China manufacturing capabilities. CI3 provides advisory, operational management and back office support.

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“PTL provided us with the logistical support, including accounting and human resource support, which was instrumental in the success of our strategy for breaking into the Chinese market.”

International water filtration company

“The insight of the PTL Group in organizational issues, especially in a Chinese environment for the local branch of a European group, greatly helped us in getting a better understanding of the pros and cons of different alternatives.” European training company